Welcome to DayPetCare.com, a website created by the happy Stone family in Bloomington, Illinois.

On this website, we seek to inform and help pet owners with their furry, or scaly friends in their everyday life. Product reviews and other information is frequently posted and updated, in order to keep serving you with up-to-date information.

Our family consists of our dog Baxter and three cats named Charlie, Leo, and Atlas, don’t worry, they all get along just fine and often play together.

Additionally, we have 2 fish tanks, with all kinds of crazy colored fishes, we just love taking care of our little friends and can spend hours in front of the fish tanks, mesmerized by the colors and the motion.

What to Expect

This website is made to help you make the right decision, whether you are looking for the best pet food, high-quality collars or just general pet care. We are trying to expand the website into more categories, to cover an as broad area as possible.

We want DayPetCare.com to be your go-to website for information and fun, that’s why we are constantly researching and trying new products and ideas to share with you guys on here.

Even though our social media presence is minimal at the moment, you can find us on Pinterest, where we share both our own content, but also other peoples amazing pins.

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